Why iqinsider?

Because knowing about them what they don’t know about themselves is the key to understanding how to make your clients tick. We are a passionate team eager to discover and share our new ideas that decode the decision-making process of your clients. Our company is capable of understanding the deepest insights that underlie the decision-making process.

How we do it?

     Ever wondered how to influence the deepest thoughts of human consciousness?
Using cutting-edge technology and applying breakthrough methods, we put at your disposal the strategies to finalize your master plan.

Why we do?

We created this company because of our passion and burning desire to crack the code of human behaviour, how it works and understand on a deeper level how to make use of all the knowledge that is key to forward-thinking companies.

Why Neuromarketing?

Our powerful neuroimaging techniques and biometric capabilities are the result of meticulously selected knowledge from the medical tech field: electroencephalography (EEG), eye-tracking (ET) equipment, facial coding (FACS), galvanic skin response (GSR).

How do big brands get under your skin?

By investigating how different types of advertising generate very different types of activity in your brain, they get access to how you respond to brand awareness and whether certain visual scenes are better recognized. That leads to differences in efficiency.

Do your potential clients trust you?

In today’s noisy world it can be hard to get people to trust you. What makes people tick these days? Simple marketing and research don’t hold that knowledge. Tapping into the data that neuroimaging and Communication Marketing provides, you will make them love you, cheer for you, and trust you with their life. Oh, and make you rich.

Just think about this: 

65% of consumers trust their favourite brand more than they trust their friends or family.

Our Products

agent i

It’s all in the eyes, they never lie. Where they’re looking, how they’re looking, and for how long; these small details provide you the upper-hand to outgrow your best competitor. agent i contains key insights and complex analysis reports that decrypt your prospects’ deep subconscious thinking patterns and darkest secrets. From how they navigate through a page, to different areas of their interest, the impact you ignite on your audience will be unreal.

agent q

If you plan to conquer the world, agent q is the premium package to serve your master plan.
You get top classified insights of the User Experience when they get the first taste of your brand. Neurofeedback is the name of the game, and it will give you access to another world that only world class CEOs have access to. We will give you entry to the code behind how big successful markets use this knowledge.

Our Process

 Research & Analyze

Think of the army and how they acquire knowledge. We are your tactical squad of intelligence gathering with years of training behind them.
Our effectiveness depends on getting our hands on the latest new-wave tools to register the secrets of brain activities, eye movements, emotions and unconscious electrodermal responses.

Deep Insights

Neuromarketing is the best kept secret by the big niches. It’s the place where we combine marketing with neuroscience in the field of research. This means it’s all about raw data, information and answers on how the brain works; no fluff, no unnecessary useless concepts that get you confused. 87% of companies don’t use cognitive neuroscience technologies.

Actionable Report

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